Fuji Feather
Modeled after the machines of a bygone era that were ridden to glory by Mer...
Fuji Absolute 2.1 ST
The Fuji Absolute is constructed of double-butted A2-SL aluminum that is st...
Fuji Absolute 1.3 Disc
The Fuji Absolute is constructed of double-butted A2-SL aluminum that is bo...
Fuji Finest 2.1
Fuji's Finest is a women's road bike designed to enhance comfort and stabil...

We proudly carry Fuji bicycles! Since 1899 Fuji has been building cutting-edge bicycles. Whether you're looking for a high-speed thrill or a fun family adventure, Fuji has the perfect machine.

The proud Japanese company named after beautiful Mount Fuji has a long history of cycling accomplishments and has always designed and manufactured leading-edge, high-quality bicycles that delight riders.

For example, in 1964 Fuji’s chief engineer, Dr. Shoichiro Sugihara was both the coach and bicycle designer for Japan's National Team. Throughout the seventies Fuji pushed the cycling envelope with standout innovations and quality making a big name for itself in advanced road bicycles.

Today, you find Fuji's super-light, fast and amazing two-wheelers racking up elite-level wins in mountain biking, road racing and triathlons.

With so much manufacturing and pro racing experience, Fuji carries their expertise into all areas of cycling. From high-end road bikes to trail-taming dual suspension, Fuji offers the best in cycling for every cyclist.

Plus, you’ll find total convenience, versatility and comfort in their line of commuter, cruiser, and hybrid bikes. You always get a quality ride at a great price with Fuji, which is why we love selling them and riding them, too.

Enjoy the comfort of a Fuji bicycle!And, Fuji cares about getting kids into riding in style as well. They make one of the nicest line-ups of bikes for kids available and for all ages and abilities. From tot rods with training wheels, to genuine downsized road and mountain bikes ready for action, we have a great selection of bicycles your kids will love.

So stop in, bring your family, and take a look at our wide selection of Fuji bicycles. Whichever ones you choose, you’re going to love the Fuji ride!