Selle Italia Bicycle Saddles!

Selle Italia Turbo 1980
The classic Turbo Saddle returns! Selle Italia's original Turbo saddle was ...
Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow
Selle Italia's Max Flite Gel Flow Saddle cushions and supports you so you c...
Selle Italia Eyelink Panorama Mirror
Increase your on-bike safety with Selle Italia's Eyelink Panorama Mirror. I...
Selle Italia Turbomatic Gel Flow
Selle Italia's leather-bound Turbomatic Gel Flow saddle has been a mileston...

Selle Italia has been producing super bicycle saddles since 1897!

Come see our excellent selection of Selle Italia bicycle saddles!For over 100 years, Selle Italia craftsmen have been working to create the most comfortable, supportive, anatomically correct bicycle saddles possible. Ever dedicated to research, innovation, quality and the tradition of handmade Italian cycling finery, Selle Italia has the experience, know-how and dedication to create some of the best bicycle seats on the planet, and we're proud to carry and ride them.

In 1980, Selle Italia's Turbo was among the first anatomical saddles and some cyclists still ride theirs. Selle Italia built on that success by introducing their benchmark featherweight Flite seat, and then their popular SLR models, which are recognized as some of the top seats worldwide. They also constantly push the design envelope. Their high-tech carbon ultra-lights, for example, demonstrate Selle Italia's desire to find the absolute limits of how light and comfortable bicycle saddles can be.

The pros make their living on Selle Italia bicycle saddles!Forging relationships with top pro riders and teams has allowed Selle Italia to obtain real feedback from expert cyclists who log thousands of hours of saddle time. That feedback is used by Selle Italia's research department and translated into even better, more comfortable seats for you. If it's been tested and proven to work under the harsh conditions of professional racing you can be sure it will work for you too.

Since its inception in 1897, Selle Italia has been innovating, testing and improving the bicycle saddle and producing them with old-world Italian craftsmanship. Your saddle is one of the most important and most noticeable components on your bicycle. Let Selle Italia provide the comfort, quality and beauty you deserve. Check out our wide selection and upgrade to a Selle Italia soon!